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...more than a diary


kids are growing up so fast - all these precious moments and nothing will be lost

– Sophia 48, mother of 2 children

much more than a simple diary app

– Alexander, 39

secure and easy to use

– Eva, 28

I take pictures of all the things I built and then I put them into MOMENTRY

– Daniel, 12

open MOMENTRY and see what I have seen

– Mother, 52

great travel experiences and precious moments - MOMENTRY brings them all back

– Oliver, 23

Preserve - your best moments

MOMENTRY is the only diary app which has the capability to describe and securely store your most important moments by using all available media on your iPad. Just combine and put pictures, text, music, recordings, videos to your moments and easily find them by using the powerful search and filter mechanism. Experience your moments again and again. MOMENTRY preserves your best moments - private and secure.

Create - your best moments

  • Add text, pictures, videos, recordings and music. Take advantage of the features that your iPad provides

  • Use and define new categories and sub-categories - a powerful, fast and easy way to find your moments

  • Add your moments to your timeline - choose a certain date, month, the season or just the year

Explore - your best moments

  • Browse through the moments of your life and explore them in a new and very exciting way

  • Find your moments fast and easy - choose the categories and additionally combine them with more filters

  • Experience new links between your moments by using the automatic generated view of "related moments"