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About Momentry

I am very happy to have drawn your attention to Momentry. I would like to tell you , what inspired me to create Momentry.

After suddenly having lost a very close and important person in my life, I wanted to relive some of the moments we had together. Looking through my stuff, I then realized that out of the precious years shared only a few pictures remained. Even though I enjoyed the memories while looking through the old pictures but I was missing the music, voice, comments, humor and even scribbles on napkins...

I realized that a lot was lost forever.

Out of this sorrow I asked myself: What would it be like if I could use all the media options on an iPad to bring all my special moments to life, and also find and explore them fast and easily over and over again?

I made Momentry so that you can bring together all your thoughts, pictures, videos, music, recordings by describing and preserving your best moments. 

With Momentry your moments are private and will stay private, unless you want share them with friends and family of your choosing. So I developed and designed Momentry with the intention of creating and keeping your data and precious moments private and secure. Therefore Momentry stores your data only on the device on which it is installed and does not allow access from other applications or the internet. It is all about your personal and private moments.

That is the real value of Momentry.


Thank you and enjoy your best moments.